29 October 2013


It was past 9 pm. I had just wrapped up a customer dinner meeting in Alexandria in Virginia. Common sense would dictate that I drive back to the hotel and hit the sack at my usual 10 pm.
But then I would have missed the chance to meet this unusually nice couple!! So I drove to Maryland to catch up with my one year junior and hostel mate from Engineering days – Singapore and his wife Soumya – who I knew independently thru other friends before they got married!
Sundararajan Thyagarajan is his name. Within a few minutes of he showing up at our hostel, the outstanding thing about him we found out was that he lived in Singapore with his parents forsome time. And that is all it took us to give him the nickname “Singapore “. For 25 years, I had forgotten his real name till he reminded me tonight.
Soumya and I got to know each other thru our dear friend Srimathi who we lost to cancer (she fought the first one off and lost a leg but succumbed to the second one) nearly 15 years back!
Words can’t possibly do justice to the joys of seeing them again and recreating some “intersection points” !!


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  1. By Ajit Thyagarajan (Post author) on

    Rajib, It was fabulous to catch up after all these years. Ofcourse, it doesn’t feel like ages thanks to FB πŸ™‚ Until next time… @Ravi – I still remember seeing you in Gainesville about 20 years ago – you were traipsing around in a motorbike, no?

  2. By Ravi Ballamudi (Post author) on

    LOL! Yep, the motorbike was a sweet ride. Since then though I have upgraded to a minivan for the first decade of the 21st century! You haven’t changed much!


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