21 September 2013

Ill Organized Vibha run. Inadvertent best 5 mile run.

Went to run Vibha Dream Mile 5K with quite a few Sunday morning running group friends this morning. The organizers were very inept. As a result most of us in the front were sent the wrong way after completing a couple of miles. A lot of aspiring kids and regular runners wanting to put in a well-timed run were totally disappointed when they realized that they were sent the wrong way. I was really upset to see a dejected kid pull out of the run and start walking when he realized he has much longer to go.

After doing two rounds instead of one, when we all finally got to the right direction, a bunch of us asked the organizers “What happened?”. The organizers immediately threw the city under the bus citing restrictions that the city evidently put.What that has got to do with a team of volunteers – not at one turn – but at two different turns – when specifically asked for directions – guiding a whole bunch of runners in the wrong way, we could not understand. So much for grace from the organizers.

This is certainly my last Vibha Dream Mile run πŸ™ Β If I want to get lost in my running route, I can do that by myself πŸ™‚ If I am going to give my money and time to an ill-organized run, I would rather give it to the smaller runs where the local parents and kids organizing runs for school and church are a lot more graceful.

On the plus side, in my quest to find the 5K end line, I kept on running at 5K pace and then realized that I actually did my personal best 5 mile run at 41 mins 26 seconds πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I can be tricked into my best performances πŸ™‚


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  1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

    Bosekaku, they have a good cause. But they have become too big for their own good. They need some professional help around organizing these things.

  2. By Russell Shaw (Post author) on

    If people get lost or sent in the wrong direction, it is a total failure on the part of the race organizers. After all, the number 1 task of the event is to get people to run a specific course

  3. By Kanai Bose (Post author) on

    Rajib I understand you are planing a visit to Dallas? Sunil is at London, will be back on Sunday next. Do confirm schedule.
    Bose kaki.


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