7 September 2013

No biz like shoe-biz :-)

Every Indian party is a golden opportunity to upgrade your shoes 🙂 Especially if you leave the party early like me.


Posted September 7, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Vijay Ramchandran (Post author) on

    If you are female, you can probably upgrade. If you are male, you will just see lots of similar looking really worn sandals and slippers

  2. By Vikram Ramani (Post author) on

    however, this does give you the opportunity to find back your pair of shoes that went missing in the previous party…

  3. By Neel Majumdar (Post author) on

    Pratyush… I don’t have your naughty boy shoes…. I had to make do with beach sandals that I found abandoned out there

  4. By Amitesh Mukherjee (Post author) on

    I have a few in my garage that need upgrade. Guys ( specially those who are thinking about retiring from tennis) should start wearing tennis shoes to parties. That’s where I have the most frequent upgrade opportunities.

  5. By Hiren Desai (Post author) on

    Temple offers the same Golden Ooportunity !….If you leave an expensive pair outside, your prayers inside should also seek protection for footwear !….


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