1 September 2013

Our group has arrived!!

Remember last week we broke all records of attendance in our Sunday morning Bengali run? 7 people for the first time and 2 ladies? (which was 2 ladies more than ever before?). Well, in further proof that women are gatherers, we had 6 Bengali women show up today!! Thankfully, Manas showed up in the last minute to even the playing field on the menfolk’s behalf. So we had a perfect dozen today!!!
That was a marvelous day for a run for the group. Cloudy, cool, a little foggy, albeit a trifle humid. We had a marvelous time with each other in the Big Creek Trail and then the mandatory Starbucks coffee-adda thereafter!! Every morning should start like this – great friends, some physical activity, a good cup of coffee and some hearty laughter!
We, being Bengalis, of course, are now going to devour some food that should undo most of those calorie burns – “luchi-mangsho”, “luchi-aloor-dom” or some Mexican equivalents like “loaded tacos”, “chalupas” and such. Speaking of that last item, our wizard-of-words Samaresh suggested that we should call our group “Chalu-pa” (in Bengali, that would translate to “active legs” or something like that). Clever!
Now time for some thanks….
Thank you Manas for showing up and letting us not be outnumbered…
Thank you Sharmila for letting me speed you up during the last half mile…
Thank you Puja, for joining us as the youngster speedster. Your perseverance to finish the course was inspiring…
Thank you Atashi for pushing yourself to run the whole distance without ever stopping…
Thank you Samaresh for being the rock solid leader of the group and setting an example for the rest of us…
Thank you Amitesh for showing us what speed is all about and the coffee at the end. (you know we are going to have a fight over that later)…
Thank you Malobika and Ashok for taking the pains of joining us after being so busy with your performances in Fobana last night…
Thank you Mohana for the temporary interruption in your sleep continuum 🙂 …
Thank you Sudakshina and Anindya for keeping your word from last night to join us “no matter what”…
Above all, “Chalu-pa”s, thank you for SHOWING UP!!


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  1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

    Arup, we certainly missed you. However, given your clockwork like regularity, missing once in a while is not a big deal

  2. By Amitesh Mukherjee (Post author) on

    I want to know what was served with dinner at Sudipto Ghose’s place, that made so many of his dinner guests wake up bright and early on a Sunday morning and join the run :-). Kidding aside , great start to a Sunday. Good to see so many people SHOW UP. Hope to see you all next Sunday.

  3. By Avijit Bose (Post author) on

    Now it’s time you all get common T shirts where it will be written ‘chalu pa’ or ‘sobuj songho’ if the t shirt is green for example….


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