29 August 2013

Puzzle – silly mistake

My flight is very early morning tomorrow and a very short one. I intend to sleep in flight. So, here goes the puzzle for this week’s trip.

Somebody wrote

62 – 63 = 1

Obviously it was a silly mistake. Here is a question for you. Can you move (to a different place) only ONE of the digits above and make the equality hold true?

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  1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

    Partha, that is cool! But you have to move a digit. None the less your answer was very innovative!

  2. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

    The right answer – as Antara, Baishali, Arka found out is to move the first 6 and put it as an exponent of the first 2. So 2 to the power of 6 which is 64 minus 63 equals 1. Prabhat and Partha also got that but they broke the rule of where to post the answers.
    There were some really really innovative answers. Patricia’s was awesome: 6/2 – 6/3 = 1. (instead of moving a digit, she added 2 lines).
    Partha (also Devashish came tantalizingly close to this) came up with 62 = 63 -1. (instead of moving a digit, they just moved a line). Arka also shuffled multiple digits and lines to come up with 62=63-1


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