19 August 2013

Finishing the week

Regardless of how my week went – and they certainly don’t go the way I want always, I can always count on it ending on a perfect note. Always a date night with Sharmila at Milton’s. With our old friends at the bar – Nate, Alex, Alexis, Katelyn, Cathy just to name a few…. The special ones are when Brandon sings at the bar. Here he is …


Posted August 19, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends


  1. By Ranjan Ganguly (Post author) on

    Rajib Roy Nice picture! We would like to listen to Brandon next time when we go to Atlanta. Bye the way, I sent you the picture of the Italian wine that I was talking about the other day. A similar Barbera wine is also made by Montevina winery in California. You may like it.


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