17 August 2013

Am I having a midlife crisis? :-)

Last night, we came back late (by my standards) from a party and as we were all getting ready to go to bed, I overheard my wife telling the kids – “Your dad is going thru a midlife crisis”. I was too tired and sleepy to find out what is going on. I went thru my mental checklist “Did I buy a red BMW? No. Is my beer gut showing? No. Am I chasing miniskirts? No. Okay, no crisis now. We will figure this thing out tomorrow” and went off to sleep even before I hit the bed.

This morning, woke up early before everybody and not wanting to wake anybody up to enquire about last night, I did what all self-respecting people would do. I googled “midlife crisis symptoms” πŸ™‚ (Man, what did we ever do before Google? ) And took an online test – yes, there is one and I am totally jobless – that guaranteed to do a 40-point checklist to find out if I have midlife crisis. (This was like taking my car to the dealer for a 40-point midlife inspection or something) πŸ™‚ (BTW, the website isΒ http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/you-having-midlife-crisis-check-2020597 )

Scored 7/40. It rated me as “You are obviously too young to understand the question”!!

That got me even more worried – if at 47, I am too young, that means I will need more money to live out the longer life. Which means I cannot envisage a time when I will be able to afford to retire – which was exactly what Q18 was – and now I am failing a question I had originally passed. Same with Q23 (Dreaming about quitting work but knowing you’ll never be able to afford to).

I realized that I was starting a slippery slope where the act of interpreting my score was increasing the score itself. I had to stop before I was rated “Calm down you crazy old loon. At this rate you’ll never remember why you went upstairs”. So,Β I switched off my computer and went back to bed.

Evidently non-midlife crisis people are supposed to wake up late πŸ™‚

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  1. By Raghu Ram (Post author) on

    I got up this morning (on a Saturday) without an alarm at 6:15 AM….not sure what to make out of it πŸ™‚

  2. By Antara Choudhuri (Post author) on

    Obviously you are not having one, but interesting info…. May need to take the test in xxx years, hahhaa πŸ™‚ is it valid for women, BTW?

  3. By Ashish Misra (Post author) on

    I once read that a man reaches middle age when a broad mind and a narrow waist swap places. Relax, I think your mod-life crisis is some years away yet

  4. By David Brunner (Post author) on

    I scored a 9. The Harley (“expensive bicycle”) and extreme sports pushed me a bit higher, but I am 2 years older than you. I’ll have to show my wife because she definitely thinks I’m deep into MLC. πŸ™‚

  5. By Devlina Chatterjee (Post author) on

    I don’t know whether all the questions in the survey indicate a mid-life crisis. Crisis indicates that one is trying to desperately hold on to one’s youth. Acknowledging one’s mortality and looking back at the good and bad in one’s life is normal, not a crisis, IMO. In fact wanting to score low on the test is itself an indication of MLC πŸ™‚


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