10 August 2013

My plan to win an Olympic medal

The Russian Sports Minister has announced that Russia will arrest all gay athletes in 2014 Sochi Olympics. (I am not kidding – check it up on the internet).

On the plus side, I plan to show up for the men’s figure skating. I have no idea how to skate but I am pretty sure I will get a medal since I will be the only one there competing 🙂

BTW, every time I think I have heard the most stupid thing a politician can say in this world, the world surprises me!!

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  1. By Tricia Quaid (Post author) on

    Rajib, it’s been a big problem in Russia. The police have set up sting operations to pick up gay men as young as 16 years old- interrogating, beating and torturing them. Then they will post photos of them online to shame them. Many from smaller towns commit suicide because of feeling shame. It’s very disgusting. Even the President of the US mentioned it yesterday in his press conference. Of course he also mentioned Snowden too. I guess our cold war is going to rev up again.
    The gay community is boycotting Russian Vodka. Sales of Tito vodka from Austin Texas hash gone up. I don’t drink hard liquor so my boycotting is meaningless and I can’t think of one import from Russia that I buy. In fact, I was meaning to google what Russia imports to the US.
    It’s sad because I know how hard Athletes work to get there and they have a short window of opportunity while young to compete.

    You are going to look great in those tight skating pants.

  2. By Tricia Quaid (Post author) on

    The majority of Russia’s exports are oil (and petroleum products), natural gas, metals and timber (and wood products). They also export some chemicals.
    So if you can figure out how to boycott these products let me know…..335 billion dollars of exports..


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