30 July 2013

Twelve years of labor!

And I finally managed to meet the guy who was one of my earliest friends in life – Arghya Sengupta!! We went to nursery (pre-kg) school together. In 1971. I was not five years yet!!! His son in the picture here is one year older than when Arghya and I started our friendship!!
His late dad used to give me company after school if my dad was late in picking me up! His dad passed away a few years later. That was my first real life understanding that if someone dies, I am not going to see him/her again ever! His mom was my sister’s as well as my wife’s teacher in primary school!!
After years and years of trying thru technology, social media and even running to his old neighborhood and then going door to door to see if anybody knew where he was – I had a couple of lucky breaks last year (including running into his late dad’s elder brother’s daughter’s husband !!!). Finally, today on my way from Durgapur to Kalyani, I was able to go to his home and see him (and his family and mom).
It was a very emotional 45 minutes. We meant a lot to each other early in our childhood. We caught up on so many of our old friends. It was simply surreal to be with somebody with whom a relationship started 42 years back!!!


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  1. By Kihtrak Srin on

    btw ..not sure if Chennai is in your list of cities to visit this time …if yes, I am here right now for the next 8 days.

  2. By Kushal Mazumdar on

    Arghya was a great friend of mine too in Bidhan; we had many fun moments; after 1985 I have not met him! Good to see him here and his son too! Rajib – Good catch!

  3. By Sri Ganesh on

    This is great. I recently located my school teacher after 45 years. I travelled down to a village in the southern tip of the country only to realize he had Glaucoma and could not see much. And for a gentleman who is a voracious reader and introduced us to reading. It was an exciting cum sad meeting.

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Kihtrak, I am on my way out of the country now. Chennai was not in my plans. But hope some day….

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    Dipu, In 2005, when I took a year off, one of the few things I started doing was digging up old friends. This was pre-Facebook – a lot of phone calls and emails….

  6. By Chris Loope on

    Congratulations on completing your goal! So good to see your quest of connecting is accelerated via technology. A right use of technology.


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