29 July 2013

Audacity of hope

Weighed down by the load of life…
Yet he never ceases to look up….

(This picture was taken today right outside the house that I grew up in from five years old till thirteen years old)


Posted July 29, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Bidisha Rudra on

    Is the kiddo working or just carrying the bag of rice for his family? If its the former, I am disheartened … I hope for the day when child labor ceases to exist in India. And the kids can enjoy the simple joys of childhood….

  2. By Sudipta Lahiri on

    Not sure if he is looking up with that thought… every time I see a picture like this, just makes feel how hollow the Indian growth story is.

  3. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    I hope he is not carrying this for a job. Also, has nothing modern been brought to your country yet RR? There are totes, wheelbarrows, 4 wheelers, my goodness I know they may be expensive beyond some family’s ability to have them… but can we not get a donation started … maybe to purchase equipment for a whole community.

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Bidisha, unfortunately, it is the former 🙁 Idid get a chance to approach him and asked him about himself. I am sure he found me to be very strange but the camera was very curious about my camera.

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    Vicky, great questions. Not to be cynical but I know of cases when the rupee value of donation (the barrow in this case) would be such that the family will sell it and use the money for even greater needs. Poverty is an evil. And not just because it takes away the life from a child. Systematic improvements need to be made. That is why Sudipta’s comment is very valid. Growth in of itself is not the only indicator of wellness of an economy or society. The distribution of that growth often shows the real progress (or lack thereof)


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