28 July 2013

Question for my friends in India

Can you help me with this?
Since the crack of dawn, my brother, dad and I have been sitting outside and enjoying the world slowly waking up. As we watched the rain soaked trees, buildings, birds and so on, we noticed something in the next building that we could not explain.
See the black, grill like overhang structure just outside the AC unit in the picture? It seems to be bolted onto the sill above. What on God’s green earth is that? What is the purpose?
My brother and I cannot seem to crack it.
Do you know? That is a AC unit, is it not?


Posted July 28, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Monolina Bhattacharyya on

    Perhaps this is their main bedroom and they want to keep the burglars and petty thieves out of it. Or, maybe earlier they had an ac unit there, but for whatever reasons, had to move it out of the window and install it on the wall

  2. By Shridhar Sethuram on

    I think its a fine grill – water wont hit the air con:) or protecting from pigeons – please send zoomed version- you are kicking up a lot of curiosity πŸ™‚

  3. By Subbu Subramanian on

    Rajib Roy You are proving Dalai Lama right. We spend more time talking about the neighbours than talking with them ! Go ahead and ask them.

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Subbu, has Dalai Lama ever woken up his neighbors at 4:30 am to ask some questions about their AC? πŸ™‚

  5. By Shridhar Sethuram on

    BTW, please posting only such puzzles…your other puzzles are ego burstingand brain numbing ..my brain refuses to register even the first words..:)

  6. By Ranajoy Ganguli on

    This possibly prevents the AC unit from being pulled out full length before stealing it. I think, I have seen it before during my Indian days.

  7. By Subbu Subramanian on

    Rajib Roy There is a caveat. Dalai Lalma has also said,” man has gone all the way to the moon and come back but has difficulty crossing the road”. In your case, with a wet pair of shoes, the risk is much more !

  8. By Rajib Roy on

    Ranajoy, that is awesome thinking. First I thought that might be it. Thinking further, an AC unit cannot be pulled out. The inside will prevent it. It is also installed from the inside. Also the length from the AC to this structure is pretty large

  9. By Subbu Subramanian on

    Rajib Roy Be more specific. It is to prevent Kingfisher from crashing…. If a thief wants to steal the a/c by pulling it out, it would be the last act in his life.

  10. By Ranajoy Ganguli on

    Well, this might just be result of a panic attack from the AC owner to provide him peace of mind. On similar lines, a lock(talaa) is a joke in India. It take 30 seconds for any “Tala-wallah” in India to break open a lock or to open with a wire. And this one is height. Ceramic tiles with pictures of Gods and Goddesses are used on walls to wards off people from pee-ing on walls. But guess what they do? They stand between two pictures and pee unfazed……still people instal “safety measures” πŸ™‚


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