24 July 2013

The long view of the road…

Went to Tribeni ghat (by the river Ganges). Next to it is a “shmasan ghat” – this is a place where you cremate (burn) dead bodies of the Hindu persuasion. Talked to a family who had brought a dead family member there. Out of respect for them I am not posting any pictures here.
But watching a dead body surrounded by family members always sets a perspective of life for me.
Also it took me back to that day in 1981 when I lost my grandmom to cancer and my dad encouraged me to accompany him to the “shmasan ghat”. My first trip to a cremation ground…

Posted July 24, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Dibyendu Mukherjee on

    I have visited different crematoria in diff parts of the country more than 100 times…the first visit is perpetually etched in memory


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