22 July 2013

Kolkata trumps Doha

Cannot believe I am saying this, but the new Calcutta airport is more impressive than the Doha airport. I was in this airport in March and reported how nice it is – but I came in as a domestic passenger. As an international passenger today, from stepping out from the aeroplane to getting out of the airport took all of three minutes (admittedly I had no checking luggage to wait for).
But in the same situation, Doha took from aeroplane to transit lounge almost 30 minutes! Not sure why but Doha does not have aero bridges. Not only did we have to get into the buses in 105 degrees temp, the bus went and dropped first the non-transit passengers – which is on one end of the airport and then dropped the transit passengers – which is on another end. You would think with all the connecting flights, they would do it the other way round.
Not impressed with Doha at all. I will get a second chance to make another impression a week from now. Will see how that works out. Meanwhile back to warm and muggy Kolkata.
On my way to Kalyani now where my parents are….

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  1. By Kuntal Sengupta on

    I wanted to warn you about that, but thought of skipping it lest you were nervous…The walking out of the plane in Doha is scary (was more lie 120 F the day I travelled), then going to some remote terminal by bus and back…Very very backward people.


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