9 May 2013

Double trouble! Actually double fun!!

Meeting up with old friends during business travel? Awesome!!
Running in different beautiful places during business travel? Super awesome!!!
Running with old friends that you don’t meet often in beautiful places during business travel – Priceless!!!

Realizing you have overbooked yourself by promising two different friends to meet up after a long time and run in the same morning? A little crazy 🙂

A very early morning 5K run with good old Neal near the Golden Bridge and then another 5K with Ananya at Crystal Springs trail. Both were unbelievably beautiful run!!

For all that craziness, I did keep up with both of them thru the whole run – each 12-15 years younger than me! I bet you though they have far lesser number of body parts hurting through the whole day 🙂



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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Suprita, I am indeed. Although right now I am in meetings in San Jose area. Where do you live in SFO?


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