17 April 2013

Standing up for boys!!!

One more of those “moments” with Nikita why I wish I did not have to work …. at least till she goes to college. I offered to drop Nikita at school today. She had picked up two lovely hydrangia flowers for her teacher – Mrs. Smith. In the car, to tease her, I asked if it was for her boyfriend. 🙂
Ever indignant, she shot back “No. It is for my teacher. Besides, boys give flowers to girls, not the other way round”. I duly noted that nowhere did she refute that she did not have a boyfriend. So, I decided to take the high road and said “That is an unfair rule. Boys and girls are the same.”
For a moment, I thought I had the upper hand of the exchange till she fired back – “Do you even know how girls go to the bathroom?”
I could not help laughing out loud. So, my nine year old daughter thinks that boys should give flowers to girls because they get to stand up when they pee!!!


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