12 April 2013

Baldness has its own appeal!

Like every year, I got a pronounced tan during the spring break – thanks to a lot of beach sun. (yes, Indians can tan πŸ™‚ ) And like every year, three days later the skin on the scalp started peeling off πŸ™ Not sure why this happens only to my head. Cream has never helped. Looks unseemly as I start moulting on my head like a snake.
With all that peeling on the pate, my baldness might finally have some “appeal” πŸ™‚


Posted April 12, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family


  1. By Debasish Chakraborty on

    Rajib,I like your piece on “how to take care of baldness”. But I’m curious to know when did this transformation took place & what may the reason? Is it something to do with “hearts”? As far as I can remember my school days, you didn’t boast of a such an asset.

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    So all of you think it looks like a rotten exotic fruit, huh? Maybe I should change my FB name to “Lord of the Flies” or something πŸ™‚

  3. By Rich Huffman on

    I was told shedding like this occurs on the scalp to make room for a head that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.


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