15 March 2013

Proud recipient….

After my rather scathing report on my family-in-India’s relative ignorance of the internet, my brother has decided to singlehandedly fight back. He set up email ids for my 8 year and 5 year old nephews. I am the proud recipient of the first emails that has ever been written by my nephews. I am sure by the time they go to college, emails are going to be passé. So, I am keeping this for posterity:

5-year old Rishu wrote:
Dear Jethu

I am rishu sending the first mail to you.What are you doing?pls reply. I am going to sleep now.


8-year old Riku wrote:

Hello Jethu,

how are you and what are you doing.What are Nikki & Tasha didi doing.What about the chart of transports That must come to me.What about the Chhota Bheem?


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