27 February 2013

Mislabeled boxes

Puzzle time!!
That was a great trip to San Francisco. Lot of business done. Caught up with a few friends. Missed a lot more. Have to come back…Now for the five hour flight back….
Here is the customary puzzle on the way back.
There are three boxes – one has white color tennis balls (see story later in the post), another has yellow color tennis balls and the third has a mix of the two colors in it. They are labeled “White”, “Yellow” and “Mixed”. Here is one problem though – all of them are wrongly labeled!!!
You are allowed to pick one box – upon which, I will open it, pick the first ball that I can reach in to and show you the color.
You have to get all the right labels on the right boxes from that. How would you do that?
Usual rules of sending me personal message in FB with answer applies.

Now for the story – when we were growing up in India as a child, we used to play cricket (that was our winter sport, soccer being the summer sport). And we used tennis balls to play cricket – except we did not know they were tennis balls. In fact, I did not even know what tennis looked like till much later. I am not sure why but we used to call them “cambis” balls. And they were always white in color!!! I saw a traditional yellow color tennis ball way later in my life. Nowadays, I see my nephews play with yellow tennis balls all the time (although they still call it “cambis” ball).

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