18 January 2013

Bomb squad

This is too crazy for me to make it up! Early morning as I was catching up on my office work at a Starbucks, I get two repeated calls from my sister in India. I braced my mind for potential bad news (dad is not doing well) and then called back.

All I could hear is a ton load of commotion and cacophony on the other side. But it was my dad who talked! And his first sentence was “We are at the police station”. I was somewhat relieved but irritated since I know there was an attempted robbery in their complex a week back and I realized what might have happened.

I will try my best to carry the import of what my dad explained in Bengali. Evidently, they received a packet today which they were not expecting. Their first reaction was that could be a bomb! As my dad explained – “This is happening lately, people are opening up packets and whole buildings are being blown up” ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, not knowing any better, they gathered all the neighbors around. Who were of course, epitomes of courage!! Most would not even come near my parents!!! And then somebody suggested that they should go to the police station.

Now get this. My sister, put the package in her car and drove to the police station!! She CARRIED the suspected bomb package herself with my parents in the car! Instead of calling the police over.

The police station was even more scared. The head there declared that they needed the bomb squad. Evidently there is somebody who masquerades as a bomb squad in that tiny little town of Kalyani. He came, looked at it and said that it did not look like a typical bomb. But was unwilling to open it.

In the meanwhile, my sister notified my brother in Kolkata who had the presence of mind to ask if there is a label on the packet. She said – it is from DHL but is missing the sender’s name but said Flipkart was the pickup point. (Flipkart is like Amazon in India). My brother immediately noted that no terrorist is going to send a bomb package thru DHL and anyways DHL will inspect all packages submitted. And certainly they wont be shopping in Flipkart for bombs. They should go ahead and open up the package.

My parents recognized this as solid logic – for whatever reason the police did not. Anyways, they opened up the package in the station and out came 7 Enid Blyton books!

And that is what I got for trying to spring a surprise on my niece!!

Somewhere, I also realized that all that cacophony was everybody in our house and neighbors along with the cops laughing their heads off at the police station and sipping tea ๐Ÿ™‚

(sequel to the story here)

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  2. By Antara on

    My parents are the same in this regard. I had a call couple of years back when I tried to send them a surprise present. They however did not go to the police- just called me and my sister.


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