13 January 2013

“The best is yet to come”

During my run today, I was listening to Richard Shure’s “Says you”. There was a quiz question – Whose tombstone says “The best is yet to come”? A panelist’s first guess – which was hilarious – was Charles Darwin. Haha 🙂 It seems the answer is Frank Sinatra!
That got me thinking… Do any of you have an idea of what you want your epitaph to look like? Can you capture in a few words what you would like the world to recognize you have striven for? (to make this religion-agnostic, how do you want the world to remember you as?).
And, to far little import and importance, it would be enlightening for me to know how you would remember me as if I were to die today. To make it worthwhile, you have to make it within a few words. (unless your name is Sharmila in which case, this could be your final chance to register your long list of complaints against me 🙂 )

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