13 October 2012

“Concrete” downside of oversleeping…

Uncharacteristically, overslept till 8:15 🙁 Almost by three hours! I guess I was tired and needed the sleep. Drinking a few glasses of wine more than usual with Raj the previous night helped 🙂 🙂 Since I missed the normal window of running before the family woke up, I had to wait till I had take my daughter to her classes.
The sun was up, it was cool and there was some breeze. That was not the problem. The problem was that the roads had filled up with cars already (like they are supposed to 🙂 ) – leaving me with no option but to get off the asphalt and run on the sidewalks.
10K of concrete run. That hurt 🙁 Took almost an hour to finish. A heavy lunch later, I am ready to start snoring! Wait, time to take the other daughter for her classes now 🙂

Posted October 13, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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