11 September 2012

The Indomitable Nikita !!

If you know me even in the passing, you probably know that I make friends with anybody and everybody 🙂 I always am curious to know the background, likes, dislikes, aspirations and so on of anybody I meet. Now, this habit of me making friends with total strangers in cabs, hotels, airports, bars, coffee shops and so on and then adding them on Facebook so I can continue to be in touch with them is utterly ridiculed and often outright trashed by my wife and daughters.

Nikita always warns me of “Stranger danger” – like I am a eight year old like her.

But the following conversation on Saturday was too hilarious. We had just come out of the restaurant where I made friends with this particularly nice server who has great aspirations in his life. Anyways, back in the car, Niki asked “Why do you make friends with everybody”? I said “Life is too short not to make friends”. Her immediate retort was “Yeah, and life is not a Facebook webpage either”.

I was totally stumped. 🙂

Posted September 11, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor

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