23 August 2012


Forgot to post a puzzle on my flight back from DC.
Here is one I remember from my childhood days.
Think about a simple picture of a star with 5 corners (not 6). I have attached a picture. So, there are 10 points – 5 outside and 5 inside (I marked them 1 thru 10 in the picture). The goal of the puzzle is to check off as many of those points as you can. The process of how to check off is the following: You start from any unchecked point and then going in a straight line, skip the next point (checked or unchecked) and the next point you land on gets checked off. So, if you start from 8, you can skip 6 and check off 5 or skip 10 and check off 1. Then you start from another unchecked point and keep doing this. You always have to start from an unchecked point. Question is – what is the maximum number of points you can check off and how.
(as always, if you know or think have found the answer, send me a personal message)


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