18 August 2012

How often does this happen?

Something really surreal happened this morning. I had just finished up my 7 mile run in Greenway Trail and come out of the Fowler Park entrance. As I started my stretches, I could hear a couple of guys talking in my mother tongue (Bengali). It is uncommon enough to hear that language that it peaked my interest. I saw two gentlemen on bikes and from the conversation, I understood that they were wondering how to get back to the main road. When they came close to me, I asked them if they needed help with directions.

Of course, they were surprised that I could speak Bengali. One thing led to the other and soon one of the gentlemen pointed out that although he is a Tamilian, he can speak Bengali since he was born and brought up in Durgapur!! And that his dad was a teacher in St. Xavier’s School there. That was my school !!

You should have seen my face !!!

In a jiffy, I realized something. So I offered – “You know, I think I know who you are. Your brother and I were classmates in middle school. He might have mentioned me to you recently. I had a drink with him in June in Kolkata.”

This time, you should have seen his face!!

His brother – my classmate – had mentioned about him living in Atlanta when I met him in India after 29 years. I told him about the classes when I was his dad’s student. And in a full circle, we realized that my elder daughter goes for their Indian culture classes to his school!!! Every Sunday!!

Whoever said running is boring? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. By Jill on

    What a wonderful story! And people say this is a BIG world – it is so so small sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. By Kihtrak Srin on

    Rajib, great story! I was in Atlanta recently just for a day ..took the red-eye and back the same day. Even as I was getting in and out of the airport, I was hoping I would run into you and (hopefully) added another story to your bag.


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