10 August 2012

Can I have a million dollars? :-)

Any one of you who have been with me to a bar or restaurant probably know that I often respond to the barman / waiter’s usual question of “Can I get you anything else?” with “Yes. A million dollars would help.” It almost always leads to some laughs and breaks the formality. The standard answers are “If I had it, I would not be here” or “If I find it, I will be sure to share” and so on..

This week I was having lunch at J. Alexander in Dunwoody with some execs from LLS and the waitress had a memorable and very witty answer. Moment I responded to her usual question with “Sure. A million dollars please”, she thought for a moment and said “No problem. It will cost you two (million) though”. She had me beat 🙂 Loved it 🙂

Posted August 10, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Daryl Toor on

    Try this one next time. When the hostess says something like “two for dinner?” tell her ” no for soccer”. Throws them for a loop everytime!


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