8 July 2012

Immigration at Toronto

About a year back, late one night I was sleepy and was relieved to finally get my turn at the immigration counter. I thought I would be done in 60 seconds and off to the hotel I would go to sleep. And it was almost the case till I answered the officer’s answer on where I work. It was a five minute tirade on how allegedly we have messed up her credit. Finally, I was able to explain to her that we merely report what she has done – we don’t change anything. But I did promise to have our team in the country look at her case.

Today, as I was trying to breeze thru immigration, the officer (different one) chatted me up. Found out he worked in our company 5 years before I joined!! Left once his unit was sold off! Had great things to say about his old friends. Nice guy!!

Funny part – it is the same airport!! Toronto!!

Posted July 8, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points

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