20 June 2012

Niki’s husband

This morning, as I left for office dragging my overnighter with me, Niki asked Sharmila “where is Daddy going?” Sharmila explained that after office I will fly to DC but will be back tomorrow. Nikita felt that was a lot of effort for just one day (I guess she thinks all flights are as onerous as her trips to India 🙂 ). Anyways, Sharmila explained that sometimes you have to work very hard at your job. Nikita thought for a second and as she walked away, explained to her sleepover friend Kylie “See, when I grow up, I am not doing any such thing. I will let the husband do all the hard work” 🙂 
Let the record show that her mom side genes are dominant 🙂 — at Delta Skyclub ATL terminal B.

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