8 June 2012

An old song…

Treasures from rummaging:
Found my sister’s “gaaner khaata”. (notebook of songs) from 1976. She started learning how to sing. Me, how to play the tabla. The very first song we did together was “Sara Jibon Dilo Alo”. I remember because our dad made us perform during a Durga Puja programme in Debipur. (remember Debipur from my previous posts?) That was the first song she learnt.

I found the notebook where her teacher had written the lyrics. I am carrying this with me and digitizing in Atlanta.
She eventually sang in TV programmes and now teaches her daughter. I just play tabla by myself on Friday evenings in Atlanta.
For the Bengalis of my age group, this was written on a notebook branded ” Bongo Lipi” if you remember!!! — atThe Peerless Inn – Durgapur.

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