6 April 2012


If you ever wanted to escape the doom-and-gloom round-the-hour sensational news coverage on TV, pick up this month’s Runner’s world and read the profile of Erin Henderson. Pissed off at being 207 pounds, she started running. Ran five marathons at speeds I can only dream of. And yet, was inspired by the state of kids she saw in Southeast Asia that they adopted 8 kids (on top of their own 4). If anybody wondered what discipline can do, she is raising 12 kids, putting in 75 miles per week and the way she manages her house? – quote “People walk in and seem surprised that the house is clean and nobody is hanging from the lights”. Why can’t our TV programs focus more time on people like her? Can we see this side of America once in a while, please?

Posted April 6, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings

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