16 August 2023

New York! New York!!

The view of the island never ceases to amaze me. Today is one of the rare times I am headed to La Guardia instead of JFK and the plane came up the Hudson River side. That gave me a clear view of Manhattan. I can even clearly see Brooklyn Bridge and the area where Natasha lives!!

27 May 2023

What is a good use case for this?

Strolling down the aisles of Walgreens, waiting for my medication to be ready, this caught my eye. Tests to see if you have marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy in your system…

My question: Who uses this?

Surely the cops are not going – “Let’s pick up some of those tests on our way to the beat”. Parents aren’t forcing the kids to take these tests. Are people taking these before going for drug tests for jobs and all that?

Who buys these from Walgreens?

Any ideas?

25 April 2023

Delta embarrassed me a bit

As I rambled on from the Skyclub to my gate, I thought I heard my name come up on the PA. Sure enough, the lady at the gate was looking for me. I could not possibly think of one good reason that might have led to the summons. I had not checked in any luggage, I had no connection flight, the aircraft equipment was already there and I could not be upgraded.

When I walked up to the lady, a bit nonplussed, something caught my eye. And then I realized what was happening. To remove any shred of doubt, the Delta lady said – “We are going to embarrass you a little”.

And embarrass me she did.

Turns out I became a 2 Million Mile Flyer with Delta today. I had received the notification this morning from them.

The Delta agents made a public show of giving me the certificate and a Delta backpack. They announced the whole thing on the PA system, made all the waiting passengers clap (twice – since the first one was not good enough for the Delta folks) and took pictures on their phones and mine.

Then they announced my name to board the flight first!!

That was a turn of events I was not prepared for.

Interestingly enough, I made Delta 360 a couple of months back and yet for all the flying miles on Delta, I just reached the half way mark to my American Airlines miles. That is over 4 million miles – most all of it from international flights from Dallas. With Delta, almost all my flights are domestic.

19 January 2023

Curious minds want to know

If you come out of O’hare airport or approach the same, you are likely to notice a lot of signs helping you to the Kiss ‘N Fly parking lot. Seeing such a sign from the train that I boarded from the rental car center to the terminals, two questions immediately popped to my mind.

1. First, is this where you kiss the wrong spouse and subsequent events inspire you to fly? (or for that matter, why insist on the kissing part?)

2. Why Kiss and then Fly? This is where you wait for incoming passengers – to pick them up. When you drop them you take them straight to the departure area at the terminal. Should it not be “Fly and Kiss” or perhaps “Kiss and Drive” away? The chronological flow betrays the knowledge of grammatical sequencers.

What did you say? I need some serious help? 🙂