26 August 2016


The husband walks in home after office – between you and me lets say yesterday around 8 PM πŸ™‚ – and compliments the wife on her hair. And asks if she had done something special to the hair that day.

Very pleased that he had noticed her hair, she smiled slightly and suggested that it was nothing special. Really.

After a quick nod, he too smiled slightly as he walked away. “Man this anti-fraud feature on the new credit cards that texts me every time it is used is a real life saver”, he thought. Really πŸ™‚

I am not saying this necessarily happened at our house.

I am just saying πŸ™‚

21 August 2016

Classic photography… not!

At first, I had thought that this is a photograph. In reality this is drawn using charcoal as the media on paper by my friend from middle school – Niladri Datta. (You may remember him from my visit to him a few months back to check on him, his family and his parents in Kolkata). None of us were aware of his artistic skills while in school. I think he picked it up as a hobby only a few years back. (That and taking videos while being driven at high speed on roads and also getting drenched in the rain πŸ™‚ ). He takes to his hobby after everybody has gone to sleep at night (once his office and son’s studies and all that has been taken care of) and then posts them on his timeline. It is always a treat for me to wake up in the morning and see a wonderful painting from him.

I am simply amazed by his skills. This particular piece of art is absolutely mind blowing. Just conceiving this mentally and then making such a wonderful figure stand out – not by giving definition with colors – but actually taking definition away from the rest of the picture by putting in the darkness… this is truly awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately he still has not set up a website to share his pictures (he is happy just painting for himself) but I do hope he will set it up so many others can see his creations too.

Oh! another point – any one of you who think that you are too old to start something new, I throw my friend from fifth grade at you!!

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