10 October 2014

Friends Bar None …

A really long week. Have not felt this drained on a Friday morning in some time. Now on a coast to coast flight back…

Of course, this week’s travels had its own upsides… Meeting old friends that I had not seen in a long time as well as making new ones. And finding weird and funny road signs, restroom doors and so on 🙂

Speaking of new friends, one of the best places to make friends is at the hotel bar. But most of the time, instead of making friends with people in the bar, I somehow make friends with the bartender. It almost always starts by exchanging notes on interesting cocktails. And I always pick up a few more new recipes every time…

This week, I learnt a few from Joel Yacoby. He was at the Den in Portland. It was absolutely delightful spending time with this hard working young gentleman.

Learnt a very interesting drink from him – what he calls “Fiery Balls”!! And in the discussion of the “weirdest vodkas we have ever seen”, my bottle of Sriracha vodka (yes, there is a thing) won 🙂


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