4 July 2014

FIL-MIL Mehfil: One more checkbox crossed off.

They had never been to an ocean. Not anymore, after today.

Checked into Hilton Head with my inlaws and family for the weekend.

Some of you may know that my mother in law has severe sight issues (from a very early age) and certainly is constrained in locomotory capabilities. She can walk, but very slowly.

The sand in the beach was not making her ability to move easier. But after about ten minutes, she got past the twenty yards of loose sand and stood on the firmer and wetter sand near the waves.

For what seemed like hours, she just gazed into the evening ocean. It was almost like she was in a trance. We went for a walk – but she just opted to stand there and keep looking at the ocean.

Eventually, I had to tell her that we should probably go before it became too late for dinner. I did promise her that she can sit by the ocean tomorrow whole day…


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  1. By Bijit Bose on

    But the serenity of the ocean is not there. May be Chandipur is where one can see a poor man’s ocean.

  2. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    Its wonderful that you are helping her to see things she would have never done on her own….what great memories for her and your family… she is blessed to have a SIL as kind as you are to her… I am lucky to have a daughter in law that would do the same… sometimes we are blessed with a family member who became a family member by choice…. they can be the best ones….ya’ll have a great 4th RR.

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