24 November 2012

Gallo Pinto!

Nov 23, 2012

Had traditional Costa Rican breakfast today – Gallo Pinto! It is basically a lot of rice and beans cooked together. Had with fried plantains, potato dish and stir fry vegetables. Rough translation of Gallo Pinto is “Indian lunch” 🙂 I was ready to go back to sleep after eating breakfast!! This also explains why Costa Rica is always adjudged the happiest country in the world 🙂

22 November 2012


Thanksgiving evening: Sharmila Roy and myself sitting by ourselves with champagne facing the imposing visage of the Arenal volcano in the dark night and catching up on our life… When visiting our traditional family involves a trip to the doctor for a malaria shot, invariably “family” takes a larger meaning in life. And for the last twenty years “family” has mostly meant the friends that we made in our journey thru multiple countries, states, cities, jobs….To all those friends, we say Thanks!!! Thanks for making the journey so enjoyable that we have seldom cared about the destination!!!