24 May 2012

Starting vacation

Okay, shut down my iPad. Officially on vacation. So looking forward to the trip to India to see my parents (I am always afraid this will be the last time I will see both of them). I have lined up about half a dozen folks from my past that I will be meeting after 30 or so years. Also looking forward to the long quiet runs with my brother, daily trips to a local place for wine with Sharmila without (unapproving) parents knowing about it, playing cricket with all the cousins of my kids, making all my relatives uncomfortable by walking around in shorts (I pack only shorts to India) but above all meeting my 96 year old great aunt after 20 years (without whose generosity, my grandmom would have no place to go to when she lost my grand dad; my dad was 2).

23 May 2012


Not sure what made me sweat so much today – the resurging Atlanta humidity or the biggest snake I ever saw on the road. Fortunately, it was run over way before I had to run around it. — at Starbucks.

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23 May 2012


“Passenger’s implant claim diverts fight” reports CNN and USA Today. And I am thinking if those are the TSA standards now, no flight will ever be allowed to take off from Hollywood 🙂 🙂

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20 May 2012

7 years of running

7 years back to this very day May the 20th, then 38 years old, I went for a run. I promptly passed out in Dallas heat but went back the next morning and eventually fell in love with it. In 7 years, I have made some of my best friends on the road, enjoyed some of the best scenic beauties in over 10 countries, learnt (again) how to run barefoot (and then minimalist), raised money for over 50 charities, ran thru nearly 20 pairs of shoes, singlehandedly propped up Starbucks quarterly results 🙂 …. Would not have happened without my wife who got me into it in the first place and some early encouragement from John McGehee (who runs better than most I know at the age of 63!!!)

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19 May 2012

Jobless G8

USA Today reports “G-8 leaders agree to promote economic growth”. I have a question – As opposed to what? Did they really have to carefully evaluate the alternate option of NOT promoting economic growth?

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16 May 2012

Sister calling…

Rich Irony: My sister from a small town in Eastern India called me up in the middle of my office meetings (it is near midnight for her) because she is stuck with a question while teaching her fourth grader for next day tests – Which is Rajasthan’s Blue City? Not that I am an expert on Rajasthan – and she is acutely aware of it. But unlike her, I can access the internet in a second!!!! And that is exactly how I found out the answer 🙂 (she won’t buy my claims that I knew it anyways 🙂 🙂 )