24 March 2012


Stuck with the following question while having dinner by the beach with family. “Name single word country whose name has maximum number of vowels”. We have come to 5 (Australia). Any more with 5 or maybe more?

24 March 2012


Looking into the vast waters, I am reminded of an old definition of “Ocean”. Forgot the author. “Ocean: A body of water occupying two-thirds of a world made for man who has no gills” πŸ™‚

24 March 2012


Springtime means a trip to Ft. Lauderdale. The sun, the beach and that once in a year visit to our friends Rema and Sanjay. Known them for more than two decades. This evening was as exciting as every other meeting with them… β€” with Rema Deo and Sanjay Deo.


24 March 2012

Back to wine I go!

One more time, I find myself being the mediator between the feuding mom and 13 year old daughter. I understand the whole topic was about getting into the ocean. In any case, to personalize the issue a little more, I asked Tasha what would she do if her daughter did the same thing. Pat came the reply – “I would send her to her grandmom’s place so both of them can complain about me together”. Oh! Boy!! I took another long sip from the wine glass, wished her future husband good luck and went back to sleeping in the beach πŸ˜‰

24 March 2012


So we take a boat to the Jungle Island. We get off and immediately everybody focuses on the colorful birds and monkeys in the island. Everybody except the Roy girls – who, characteristically, start shopping for jewelry!!! β€” at Jungle Queen Island.


23 March 2012

Skymall magazine

Skymall magazine – cover page ad proudly hawks a keyboard that is spill proof and “dishwasher safe”. No less!!! Dishwasher safe! Now, which one of us has not been annoyed by the accumulating dirt on our keyboards and in an inspired moment then flung them for a good spin with our china and silverware into the dishwasher for a grand old rinse and heat dry cycle? We can rest easy now. There is a product for us! Coming up next from the same “21st Century Ideas Retrofitted for the 19th Century Department” – a hard disk that can be cleaned with your vacuum!!! πŸ™‚

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16 March 2012

Topsy Turvy iPad

Hilarious!! During my daily call to mom in India, she started talking about the reading habits of her grandchildren. When it came to Niki (my younger one), she was desperately trying to decribe the iPad (on which Niki was reading her books during our last trip to India) – “Sei Je, Niki erokom korey dito aar sob kichu ultey paltey jeto” (roughly translated, “Don’t you remember? she used to do like this and everything went topsy turvy”) πŸ™‚ I had to mute myself for 10 seconds πŸ™‚ That was the most humbling description of an iPad!! No doubt Jobs turned in his grave!!!