30 April 2022

One more day in the lake

We drove the boat to Pig Tales today. This is where we used to drive our car to during Covid to watch the sunset. Had a good lunch there and drove back.

The highlight of the trip was the docking. First time the two of us docked a boat. Sharmila was surprisingly adept in getting it done.

I, on the other hand, had the newbie’s heebie-jeebies. During lunch I came back to the marina to make sure the boat had not drifted away đŸ™‚

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29 April 2022

Learning one more skillset

Thanks to Gagan and Bharti’s push when they were visiting Atlanta a few weeks back, Sharmila and I finally took the plunge and started learning how to drive a boat (safely). And consequently, enjoy some more time in the water. One day of lessons and hands on training later today was the first time the two of us took a boat out in the water for a few hours!

I have a feeling I will like this hobby and I have to give a lot of thanks to Gagan and Bharti for getting us here.

In terms of picking up skills in the last fifteen or so years, for me, the scorecard looks like this: (you will notice that most people learn these skills much earlier than me)

1. Long distance running (moderate success)
2. Mixology (moderate success)
3. Motorbiking (moderate success)
4. Unicycling (complete disaster; gave up)
5. Flyfishing (did not keep up; need to get back to this)
6. Skateboarding (still a beginner, need to put in more hours)
7. Driving motorboats (too new)