11 June 2023

Manatee sighting

And there was I… quietly taking in the beauty of the water… appreciating the rocks in the water when Her Highness rudely interrupted my peace …

“Did you see these?”

“The rocks?” I asked

“These are not rocks. These are manatees!”

And that is how I came up close and personal with rocks that apparently move… and are called manatees!!

Jokes apart, there were three of them. We had no food to give them. But they hung round and were sweet.

One unfortunate part of those creatures in their natural habitats co-existing with us human beings… you can see the propellor marks o one of them… somehow it got too close to a motor of a boat.

Reminder to all boat riders… be on the lookout… especially in shallow waters… keep as close to idling as you can before you are in deeper waters.

Posted June 11, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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