25 September 2021

Ending with a surprise

Before I could draw the curtains on this Texas trip, had to spring a surprise on somebody.

At about six in the evening, called up Willie Weng. With whom I had fought in the trenches one too many software-does-not-as-advertised battle.

“Willie, is it not your birthday today?”

“Yes, man! You never forget”

“Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you!”

“What’s happening special on your birthday?”

“Nothing really”

“Going out for dinner in the evening?”

“No. we are eating at home.”

“So, not going out anywhere in the evening?”


“Okay. Then meet me at the Windmills at Greatscape at 8:15 PM. Let’s celebrate your birthday.”

“Wait. What? Are you in Dallas?”

“I am!!”

“I will be there!!”

And like that, I got to spend Willie’s birthday with him. In fact, we tried to nail down when we had celebrated his birthday together last. “Definitely not after 2006” is what we came up with.

As always, it is always refreshing to hear from the straight shooter Willie. He is a bit older than me but he looks aalmost exactly like he used to twenty years back!!!

That meeting with Willie was like signing off with a “paraph” to this great trip back to Texas!!

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