4 July 2021

Cocodimama Beach

“So, Trish, what are the non-touristy beaches?”, I asked Trisha (who goes by Trish) who was serving us breakfast.
“What are you looking for?”
“When you, your husband and your seventeen month old baby go – which beach do you go to?”
“We go to Cocodimama beach”
“It is quiet, not many people at all and you have sand bars going way into the water”.
“Okay. Which side road do I need to take?”

Following Trish’s instructions we reached Cocodimama beach. It was as beautiful as you can imagine. Pristine clear water and the sandbars ran hundreds of yards in. Even when the water was barely six inches deep, you could see the slight bluish color. Lots of fishes and lot of conch shells on the beach!

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