13 August 2017

I am posting this to serve as a warning to Sharmila…

… of the days that are to come 🙂

Seriously though, for all the challenges my parents have – my mom is a severe psychiatric patient and my dad barely can get out of his bed, we have been very very lucky to have an excellent support system. We have been fortunate enough to have my sister live in an apartment (flat) downstairs from my parents – giving them full attention and yet enough independence for both. My brother lives a couple hours away and co-ordinates most of the medical stuff – including ferrying his weekly injections in a ice box every month from Kolkata. And of course, I get to do the easy part of visiting them once a quarter. In short, we have been blessed with a support system that very few have been lucky enough to provide their parents.

At the most basic level though, it is my mom who takes care of all my dad’s needs, whims and idiosyncrasies. After coming back from an evening walk, I saw my dad have enough energy to get up in his bed, but no more. Mom – who has just undergone a surgery was patiently feeding him.

Not knowing anything better to do, I just sat down in the nearest chair and started talking to them. And took a picture of them to remind Sharmila what my minimum expectations would be of her when I grow old 🙂 Ha ha 🙂

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  1. By Biplab Das on

    Rajib after such a extreme psychiatric problem of her own s4he can take care about the needs of your dad. I guess thats what marraige and love is…

  2. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    You reminded me exactly the same picture in my house ,till the day my father passed away peacefully in his sleep! That quite sums up marital love ,I presume ,with a few exceptions ,of course!


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