15 April 2017

Throwback to another evening thirty four years back

I had just finished my tenth exams and my NTSE (National Talent Search Exam – a standardized test in India for earning scholarships for higher education) tests. On a whim, decided to visit Swarup-da in Bishnupur. Swarup-da was my teacher who helped me to appear for my NTSE tests.

I recollect vividly sitting outside his parents’ house in some dim light with his sister Shikha-di, his close friend – Lalmohan Agarwal and of course, himself. We were all sitting out in the open and listening to some unbelievable songs from the movie “Nikaah”. Helped by Lalmohan, we unraveled the meaning of the lyrics that evening. (Hindi was not the forte of any of the other three).

This is one of those great numbers that I listened to again this evening … from the haunting voice of Salma Agha.

“Dil ke armaan aansuon mein bahe gaye
Hum wafaa kar ke bhi tanha rahe gaye
Zindagi ek pyaas ban kar rahe gaye
Pyaar ke kisse adhoore rahe gaye
Shaayad unka aakhri ho yeh sitam
Har sitam, yeh soch kar ham sahe gaye
Khud ko bhi humne mita daala magar
Faasle jo darmiyaan the rahe gaye”

Roughly translated… (improvements welcome)

“My heart’s desires flowed down thru my tears
I was left alone even after putting my faith in you
Life remained for me as as an unquenched thirst
And my story of love remained incomplete for life
Hoping it would be the last blow (suffering) from him
I endured every last blow (suffering) from him
I obliterated my own self; and yet
The distance between us remained as unfathomable as ever”

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