3 October 2016

Royters reports… Kim Kardashian

A spokesperson for Kim Kardashian reported that she was robbed at gun point in Paris. (http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/02/entertainment/kanye-west-family-emergency/)

In an unrelated sports news, facing ten month suspension, Ryan Lochte said he is enjoying his new job – a spokesperson for the Kardashians 🙂

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3 October 2016

From the bartender’s corner – Pure Guava Martini

This is the last guava juice drink of the evening. For the simple reason that now I am out of it. (Preeti, I am sure you will be glad to hear this 🙂 ). This martini is made from Vodka. The guava juice does a very good job od hiding the vodka. An additional ingredient is raspberry liqueur. I used Chambord. That explains the slight tinge in the color. Finally to make it a little more tropical climate oriented, you add lemon juice – just a tad – to remind you of the citrus aroma. The flavor won’t come thru – the raspberry and guava will drown it. But the aroma will be there…


2 October 2016

From the bartender’s corner – Sugarcane Daiquiri

Hit the perfect spot this time. Tried rum with the sugarcane juice. And switched from limey and spicy to limey and sweet. First, rum and sugarcane are made for each other. In fact, rum was first made by fermenting sugar cane in the Caribbean when Columbus brought sugar cane from Spain to that region. Second, looks like sugar cane wants to stay sweet without trying to go for the edge of a spicy end.

I used Bacardi Limon Rum, sugar cane juice, a little simple syrup and Rose’s Lime juice.

Finally, hit the mark for me!!!


1 October 2016

From the bartender’s corner – Sugarcane Martini

This has come out infinitely better. I think Vodka goes better with sugarcane juice than gin. The botanicals in gin seem to conflict too much with the strong taste of sugarcane. Moving to a martini glass with no ice has made it far more consistent.

I went with the same citrusy-spicy theme. Used Lime infused Vodka and some splashes of Sriracha Vodka (believe it or not, there is such a thing).

Great end result. Slight aroma of spice and great sweet and lime-y taste. This one you can try at home…

While we are at it, you can still claim this drink by giving it a good name…


1 October 2016

From the bartender’s corner – Sugarcane Gimlet

Well, there is no such thing as a Sugarcane Gimlet in any of the acknowledged books on cocktails. But this is pretty much a gimlet with sugarcane juice in it. Therefore, my lame attempt at naming this. I would be really glad if any of you want to claim this drink and name it.

This morning I woke up after dreaming about sugarcanes. I have no idea why. Sharmila did not even say “Sweet” Dreams (haha!) before I went to sleep. But once I woke up, I started thinking about all that street side sugarcane juice we used to have (“ganne ka joos”) when we were kids.

Then I started thinking about how to incorporate it in cocktails. (You have to be an idiot like me to get up in the morning and start thinking about alcohols 🙂 ). The problem was how to get myself some sugarcane juice. Anyways, after some failed internet searches, Sharmila came to the rescue by suggesting a Asian store. Sure enough, they had a can of sugarcane juice from Thailand (although 65% diluted).

I am going to try it out with gin, vodka and rum to see how it works out.

This is with gin. Given the sweetness of sugarcane juice, I used Tanqueray Rangpur gin (to get the aroma of Rangpur limes from Bangladesh) and muddled in a little bit of chili to finish every sip with a bite. And threw in a few drops of lime juice.

The end product was good but not as good as I was hoping. There is a big difference between freshly squeezed sugarcane juice and canned ones. Sharmila told me already where I can go stand in a queue and get freshly squeezed sugarcane juice in Atlanta. It is too late now. For today, I am going to keep experimenting with the canned juice. Also, if you try this yourself, pour it in a martini glass. The ice does not help an already diluted juice.


1 October 2016

Friday evening time…

“dard ho dil mein to dawaa keejay
dil hi jab dard ho to kya keejay

hum ko fariyaad karni aati hai 
aap suntay nahi to kya keejay”

Roughly translated…

“If there is pain in your heart, you can take medicine for it
But when heart is itself pained, what can you do?

Sure, I am perfectly capable of complaining too
But when you are not listening anyways, what can I do?”