9 October 2015

It is NOT my birthday today!

Ok, where did I say it is my birthday today? I was just trying to say that I have been waiting for this day – hoping – like every year – that this year they will give me the Nobel Peace Prize. Which, by the way, they did not. How did you conclude that is my birthday? How come you did not think it is my anniversary? Why do you think that it is not more special to me like I do? (Psssstt…. Sharmila is on my Facebook friend list) πŸ™‚

Okay, I admit. There was some mischief mongering there. I had decided to write a light material on not getting the Peace Prize. So, the previous day, I set up a FB trap to let my gullible friends think I was talking about my birthday.

But here is the irony. When I sent out the light material making fun of me not getting the Nobel Prize this morning (replete with well documented arguments why I should have), I was expecting the same folks to say “Haha! You got us there”! Instead, I am getting more and more sympathetic messages from more and more friends feeling sorry that I did not get the Nobel Prize … that too on my birthday!!!

Now, I have started getting calls from India!!! I might have created a Frankenstein.

I have to further submit that it has been a lot of fun though. Almost enough to take out the pain of not getting the Nobel Peace Prize πŸ™‚

BTW, I am impressed that Arthur Altman caught on to my exact ruse yesterday.

On a more serious note, birthday or otherwise, your remembrance and act of penning a wish or calling me is absolutely returned with a deep sense of gratitude from me cherishing our relationship that I hope will grow thru fun times (like this) and not-fun times, birthdays and non-birthdays.

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  1. By Steve Martin on

    I think many people equate “my special day” and lots of messaged from well wishers with a birthday. You set them up.

  2. By Ashoke Kumar Dubey on

    Rajib,you do have novel ideas and you are also a piece of genius.So,you definitely deserve a “Novel Piece” Prize,if not the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. By Avinash Misra on

    For this sin of playing this prank πŸ™‚ , I will now wish you happy birthday every year on October 9th πŸ™‚ happy birthday. And added to my calendar.

  4. By Anastassia Dees on

    Lucky for me – I know when your birthday actually is, so happy NOT birthday! Let’s go for a run sometime (once you are done with marathon training!)


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