28 July 2013

Zoomed pic for previous post

Here it is Shridhar…


Posted July 28, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Raja Visweswaran on

    Anti burglar device would be my first guess .. some sort of anti-lightning contraption would be the second (although its doesn’t appear to be earthed) …

  2. By Raghu Ram on

    If it’s your neighbor, why don’t you just go, knock on the door and ask them? Its not considered out of the ordinary in India!!

  3. By Kuntal Sengupta on

    Dont know whatever it is..but the guy at the local store who sold it went like this..”dada, apnaar ei a/c tar sathe eta jodi kene, ekkkebarre life ta double hoe jabe, ar apnake konno chinta korte hobe na” the salesman most certainly looks like the Bengali comedian Chinmoy, and chews a lot of paan-jorda..

  4. By Guruprasad Bala on

    Rajib, I believe this is to protect the A/C from damage caused by street kids either playing cricket or stone pelting. PS: It is very common playing cricket in streets in India đŸ™‚

  5. By Suman Das on

    Rajiv, on which floor is this AC installed? If it is on the 1st or 2nd floor, i definitely support the cricket ball idea. From the picture the AC seems a new installation, so wait and watch for the plastic canopy to come up on top, to protect it from rain splash.
    Btw, as for AC vs DC, I don’t feel AC is cheaper, it us easier to transmit AC to a longer distance.


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