12 May 2013

Great start to a day

Sunday morning run with my Bengali friends – the old Faithfuls – Amitesh, Arup and Samaresh. And then, of course “coffee aar adda” (Starbucks and chatting). Although, Samaresh did bail out of the coffee. There is something to be said about that. For, as a community, we the Bengalis, are not exactly known for prioritizing running over “coffee aar adda” 🙂 In fact, we have a very famous Bengali song about a coffeehouse in Kolkata but none about running 🙂 [Strictly speaking, there is a famous song about Runner – but in Bengali in those days – it meant ‘the postman’ – when mail was delivered by human beings running from village to village]

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  1. By Ranajoy Ganguli on

    Instances of Bengalis running these days:
    1. Public bus or chartered bus about to leave from bus stop. Could be train too.
    2. To catch up with a “michil”
    3. After getting news that the hot girl of neighborhood has just now been spotted nearby.
    4. On hearing fire alarm in office. (this comes with some prodding from the security dept. who sometimes need to convince that this one is not a mock drill).


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