16 March 2019

Up for a Saturday morning puzzle?

This is adapted from a more complicated version submitted by Jared Bronski in “The Riddler”. (Thanks to Matt Mooore who gifted me the book this week).

It is one more of those hats on your head and strategy formulation question.

There are three of you. Randomly a white or black hat is put on your head. Each one of you can see the color of the hat on the other two but not the one that is on your own head.

One by one, you will be asked to guess what color hat you have on your head.

Your options are (*) tell a color – Black or White or say (*) Pass.

At any point, if somebody calls a wrong color – you all lose. But if somebody calls a right color – you all win. And if everybody passes at the end of first round, then you all lose.

What strategy can you formulate beforehand to maximize the chances of winning? And what is that probability?

14 March 2019

“Draw back further and laugh”

The saying is not original – it is from Seneca.
The following article is not original either – I got this from a group that focuses on Stoicism. (Roger, remember?)

Got a chuckle out of reading this. Well made points with simple explanations.

When you zoom out far enough, almost everything becomes absurd. Think about it: We are monkeys living on a space rock. We are a split second of the infinity of existence. If humanity survives long enough, people will laugh at us the way we laugh at Neanderthals. People used to have serious arguments about how many angels could fit on the head of a pin or whether the world was flat. They not only thought kings were a good idea, they thought they had divine right! What do you think they’re going to think about the arguments we have today? Or even our cutting edge science?

Even WWI is funny with enough distance. One archduke was assassinated and the entire world went to war over it. For basically no reason. And then, even after millions of people died, everyone was so stupid that they immediately forgot the lessons of the war and had to fight it again a generation later!

The troubles you’re having at work will be ridiculous to you three jobs from now. Think about all the things you cared about when you were a teenager and how silly they seem to you today—now consider that this exact evolution will happen to you at middle age, and again in old age if you are lucky enough to live that long. Think about something that’s really frustrating you about your neighbor or your parents. Now imagine telling a person in Syria or North Korea about it. Your neighbor doesn’t mow his front lawn or trim his bushes? Your dad forgot about your daughter’s dance recital? They would think you were joking! You’re seriously telling me that’s what’s on your mind? That’s what bothers you? You’re hilarious!

Draw back and laugh. It’s freeing. It’s a relief.

Credits to “The Daily Stoic”

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10 March 2019

An interesting puzzle

Read this up in the book “Mathematical Circus”.

You have 2 green balls, 2 yellow balls and 2 red balls. One ball of each color is 11 pounds each. The other ball of each color is 9 pounds each. You have a scale and pan balance. (meaning you can compare the weights of two sides – which is heavier and which is lighter but you never know the exact weight).

What is the least number of weighings required to find out which are the three heavier balls and which are the lighter balls?

Send me personal message with the reasoning.

9 March 2019

How do you explain this?

Tonight is our Day Light Savings night. Basically, at after 1:59am, the clocks jump to 3:00am. Which means 2 am is the same as 3am. And yet, when I went to check the weather channel for the forecast, this is what I got…

How can we have 50% forecast of rain and also 80% for exactly the same moment of time?

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3 March 2019

From the bartender’s corner – White Old Fashioned

Picked up this recipe from Dave Purcell of Melrose Umbrella Company in Los Angeles. This has Mezcal, white Creme De Cacao, Yellow Chartreuse and Orange Bitters.

Can’t say I am the biggest fan of the output. I read somewhere that instead of the white chocolate, the dark chocolate goes better with the smoky mezcal. Will try the dark creme de cacao next time.