4 November 2013

Divine Vine :-)

Natasha (15 years old)  found out this afternoon that I have a Vine account. She had been berating me ever since…

A few minutes back one more of those war of words started. But this time it ended in a very different way.


Natasha: “You don’t understand Vine. Vine is not for you”

Me: “Says who?”

Natasha: “All kids countrywide says so”

At this point, 9 year old Nikita who had been intently watching us offered this…

Nikita: “Yeah, Daddy. Vine is for troubled teenagers countrywide” 🙂

For the next few moments I could not decide whether to laugh my head off or separate the two girls from each others’ throats 🙂

I was certainly saying “You go, girl!” to Niki mentally 🙂

Posted November 4, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


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