27 June 2023

One thing you will not tire of seeing in Scotland hills…

… is the sheep. They are pretty much everywhere. These are the Scottish Blackface sheep, which I am told, are pretty hardy creatures. They can endure fairly harsh weather.

Another thing you will observe in the terrain is a lot of vertical drops in the hillside – no more than a couple of feet. Apparently, these sheep will knock off dirt from the hillside with their hooves to create vertical walls of a couple of feet. They are always leeward facing. The idea is to protect themselves from the punishing wind!!

I was telling James – my driver and guide today – how we grew up in India learning the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep”… when he told me “You cannot say that here anymore.”

I was curious – “What do you mean?”

“Well, you cannot use Black word anymore”

“So, what are the kids taught?”

“Baa, baa rainbow sheep”



A bit incredulous, I asked one of the young girls working in our restaurant later if it was true. She confirmed it!!

I wonder what the kids in my school in India are learning these days…

(BTW, can you spot all the sheep that appear like white dots?)

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