11 February 2023

Twelve years later…

“Remember I had promised you in Madrid in 2011 that someday I will come and see you in El Salvador?”

“Of course, senor!”

Today was that day!!

I had kept up with Leonardo – again on his birthdays – thru the years. Then, when he almost died due to Covid two years back (doctors had literally given him another couple of days after many weeks in ICU), I was reminded of that last meet we had.

This January, when I called him to wish him a very happy birthday, little did he know that I had already bought tickets to come and see him.

I always remember Leonardo as the street fighter. He was the ultimate in scrambling. Somehow, in the end, he would pull his numbers thru every quarter.

So, against that mental picture, it was a little jarring for me to realize today that he has made two visits to India – a month each – to spend time in Sai Baba ashram. I did not realize how deep he is into meditation. And Buddhism too!

It was also a little jarring to sit in an upscale restaurant that he had booked in surrounded by Valentine couples at every other table!!

The evening was spent reminiscing the old days of work and the many friends from those days. At the end of the dinner, he took me around to show the city. On a Saturday evening, the city looked vibrant with all sorts of American branded retail and food shops.

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